UI Design

PLAYFULL Auto-Quests

Playfull, a games reward app, needed smart ways to keep players engaged with their app and incentivizing return visits on a daily and weekly basis. With my long-time UX colleague Jed Melnik, and working with Playfull’s existing art style, I designed the interface and accompanying motions by which players could keep track of their winnings in all participating games and see their earnings grow over time.


My UI work on Megalith (UI Style, layout, icons and notifications) highlighted the challenges of designing for active VR experiences: How much information is too much? How should the information be anchored or presented to be accessible but not obstructing? How best to work with the lower resolution of VR helmet screens? Style-wise, we opted for a flat-esque styling with clear shapes, bold colors, and dark, age-torn alphas for legibility and a nuanced tone—something modern but hailing from the untold past.



Probably the most demanding, fastest-paced project I’ve had the privilege to work on. (UI Style, buttons, icons, portraits, cards, UX, and pfx designs) The scope, the goals and priorities changed constantly, with the only one who could implement the design work living thousands of miles away. Challenging, interesting and not too shabby at the end.



Not only was I the lead concept artist, I also developed a unique interface and icon style for QS, as it was known internally. QS required a robust vertically-oriented UI for crafting, navigation and character inventories. The screens I am allowed to show here demonstrate the skeleton of the crafting system, complete with expanded item details, and the default HUD (with censored game footage in the background).


YAHOO! Bingo (2014)

The design restrictions on a bingo game are more complex than anybody might think. This UI for Yahoo! Games brought together readability, ease-of-use, and a colorful presentation. The world map was particularly unique, employing a rotating 3D earth for selecting game locations. All design, icons, layout and illustration assets were my handiwork. 



The UI for Zombie Toss called for maximalist approach in theming, each element resonating with some kind of in-world fiction or object though in a familiar format. All layout, icons and illustration work are my handiwork.


Misc UI Work